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Garment Hanger Solutions

Visconti International designs, manufactures and supplies garment hangers for the clothing retail industry.

Maximise your Sales  - Enhance the shopping experience and your bottom line through impactful presentation of clothing, accessories and footwear. Explore our wide range or let us create something unique if required.

International Distribution - We operate across Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas with cutomer representatives in each region. Our head office is based in Cape Town with distribution centres in Johannesburg and Durban enabling excellent service across Africa, Mauritius and Madagascar. 

Polyoak Packaging Group - Visconti International is part of the Polyoak Packaging Group which specialises in the design and manufacture of rigid plastic packaging for the dairy, food, beverage and industrial markets. For more information visit www.polyoakpackaging.co.za

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Service Excellence

Depend on us for outstanding customer service, punctual delivery and consistent supply throughout the year.

Customer Focus - Our belief in the importance of our people underpins our internal training and focus on delivering outstanding service.

Business Intelligence - Our advanced SAP system enables us to better service your needs with effective procurement, flexible production planning and accurate inventory management.

Solid Track Record - We have a strong service track record with 98% of orders delivered on time in the Africa region alone. We plan sufficient reserve capacity for peak periods with no factory closure throughout the year.

Stock Holding - We hold stock levels of standard items in order to respond quickly to unplanned orders, enabling you to commercialise unexpected opportunities.

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Quality Assurance

Our high quality hangers display garments attractively time and time again, despite rough handling and re-use.

Machinery and Moulds - We partner with leading machine and mould supliers to uphold high quality standards. Our in-house mould services division is on site to service and maintain hanger moulds to guarantee optimal manufacturing performance.

International Standards - Our factories operate within strict hygiene and safety standards, with stringent supplier selection and raw material specifications. Our well-established manufacturing plant in Cape Town is internationally ISO accredited.

Quality Control - Ongoing training and skills development enable our employees to maintain our high standards. We conduct thorough quality inspections on a continual basis.

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​​Approach and Values

Founded in 1985, Visconti International is still guided by its original family values.

We follow three simple passions

  • Caring for the customer
  • Belief in our people
  • Quality is not negotiable

The customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Employees are our Greatest Asset - Our in-house education and training division in South Africa focuses on developing a talent pool of exceptional technical expertise to grow our capabilities and provide outstanding service.

Ethical Commitment - We embrace ethical work practices and have a clear commitment to doing more for our people, the communities in which we operate and the environment.

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​​Green Commitment

Our drive to reduce, re-use and recycle hangers  aims to reduce landfill and save energy.

Recycling Initiatives - We pay voluntary levies to support South African recycling initiatives that create jobs and protect the environment by reducing waste to landfill.

Hangerman is our specialist hanger recovery, re-use and recycling division, which pioneered hanger recycling in South Africa. This unique partnership with retail chains continues to redistribute hangers for reintroduction into the supply chain. The raw material from the hangers that cannot be re-used, is crushed and converted into new hangers.

Hope For The Disadvantaged - Hangerman collects, inspects and sorts the hangers. Hangers for re-use are cleaned and sold back to garment manufacturers. A portion of this work is given to organisations for the mentally and physically challenged. This brings hope and self-esteem to hundreds of disadvantaged people in South Africa.

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